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When you’re looking for an exotic and luxury car for a special occasion in Cannes, you can turn to us. We specialize in all sorts of exotic and luxury car rentals that include Audi, AMG, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, McLaren, Rolls-Royce … among many others. It doesn’t matter if you need an exotic car, a sportive or convertible car, we can help you out. You will find only the newest exotic vehicle models at our company and we make sure all our rentals are in pristine condition with low mileage. We also provide service for Nice, Marseille, Antibes, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, Saint-Tropez, Villefranche sur Mer & Montecarlo areas.

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For those who love adrenaline, renting a supercar is not a question of appearance, but of passion. Don't limit your dream, experience the thrill of driving the best sport cars on the market with Montecarlo Luxury Cars.

Luxury Car Rental in Cannes

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Exotic Cars & Supercars

The best Supercar models such as Lamborghini Huracán Performante Spyder, Ferrari 488 Pista Coupé, Porsche 992 Turbo Convertible...

Sportcars & Convertibles

Great choices as Audi R8 Spyder, Porsche 911 Carrera 4, Maserati GranCabrio...

Luxury SUVS

A wide selection of Luxury SUVS that include: Lamborghini Urus, Audi Q8, Audi SQ7, Range Rover Sport SVR ...

Executive Cars

For those who are also looking for comfort offer models as Audi RS6 model 2020, Audi ABT RS4-R, Mercedes-AMG GT 63 Coupé ...

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    Discover Our Philosophy

    Rent a Luxury Car in Cannes Is an Easy Feat

    The car is a real trademark in parallel with the appearance and other signs of status. Highlight your image with a luxury sports car or exclusive business-class auto you deserve. Having planned a trip to Cannes, do not forget about the necessity of exotic rentals to make your road travel extremely comfortable.

    Renting a luxury car in Cannes is an easy feat with Montecarlo Luxury Cars Rental services. Our company is glad to provide all-inclusive assistance for French Riviera guests. The modern auto park that includes the most reliable and high-performance models is at your command. Count on the high-level customer service and available optional supplements like airport transfer, automobile delivery, apartment rentals, etc.

    How to Rent a Luxury Car in Montecarlo Luxury Cars?

    We extremely respect our customers and value their time. That is why we aimed to make the car rental services as easy as possible. Service orders will take a couple of minutes to end up with mere formalities. You need to contact with our managers in any convenient way:

    To sum up, the procedure of the car rental is not a complicated task you need to cope with. Prepare information on the rental date, delivery place, chosen luxury model and make a call or send an ordering message by text. Our consultants issue a request and make everything for you to be pleased with the high level of the Montecarlo Luxury Cars company service.

    Why You Should Rent a Luxury Car in Our Company?

    The Montecarlo Luxury Cars company casts itself as the provider of high-quality all-inclusive transportation services. The range of options includes modern auto rental in Cannes. Everything is done for the exceptional comfort of our clients.

    It means that besides the comfortable vehicle customers can count on the ready-done trip planning starting with airport transfer (chauffeur service is also available), the car pick-up option at the end of the Cannesvacation. To understand our responsible approach, it is reasonable to make a point at all performed advantages our company can provide willing consumers with:

    • The best cost-quality ratio. Extremely low prices for all exclusive models in our Cannes auto park selection.
    • The widest breadth of luxury vehicles. Often our respected customers cannot choose sides because of the enormous number of possible car rental variants.
    • On-time airport auto rental services in Cannes. You determine the required time span for transfer, vehicle delivery and car pick-up option, we are exact with your demands.
    • The absolute safety on board the rented automobile is guaranteed. All cars are regularly inspected for the ultimate comfort and safety of machinery.

    Our Car Fleet of Vehicles

    Our selection of cars includes models of different classes. Sports cars for speed lovers who are going to impress Cannes citizens and guests of the main French Riviera city with his spins. Business-class autos will be suitable for men of affairs who know well how important the presentable car is for the public image. Exotic Coupes and Convertibles will give unforgettable emotions for travelers, keen clubbists, devotees of the luxury way of life.

    As it was mentioned before, most drivers value the high-level comfort and safety mostly. The best selection of worldwide famous SUVs is available.

    We gave due consideration to this aspect and now are pleased to present 14 well-known car brands to select from:

    One of the widest choice of cars the highly respected Lamborghini brand has. At the same time the great Rolls-Royce breadth makes customers dizzy. It should be noted that white-colored Rolls models are in favor among clients who order wedding car rentals.

    Some more helpful recommendations for willing drivers who are faced with the Montecarlo Luxury Cars company’s overchoice

    • The most vibrant colors the exceptional Ferrari selection has. The best way to meet with a public notice.
    • The most concervative brand is the well-known Mercedes-Benz one.
    • The most impressive models are presented in our Bentley collection.

    Start your assortment according to your preferences and requirements. The rest is our business.

    Are your cars recent?

    The regular auto park renewal is our responsibility. We aspire to have fully satisfied clients that want to order new services next time of their Cannes visiting. Among available models, there are a lot of restyling ones and absolutely new products of the world car industry. For example, Ferrari 488 Pista Coupé is a kicker of 2019 for now. Among top-ranking ones stay the powerful Lamborghini URUS SUV and the flashy racer Porsche 992 Turbo Convertible. Both models are the real treasure of 2020.

    But it is impossible to single out from the totality of perfect vehicles only several models. Year by year we find that each client has his specific fancy tastes. Montecarlo Luxury Car is able to predict customers’ considerations and meet their preferences. Welcome, learn by your own experience.

    How we work?

    The Montecarlo Luxury Cars company has great possibilities for high-level customer service. We provide a wide variety of vehicles to rent and the range of additional services for careless Cannes-based business trips or recreational time. Our pricing policy is reasonable which makes car rentals available almost for everyone. The highly responsible approach to our professional activities makes Montecarlo Luxury Cars as the leading company with high potential.

    Each developing company has a range of prospects to realize. To stay the blue-chip representative of the car rental sector, we have a sacred goal to meet customers’ expectations in full scope. We are moving in the following direction – the key advantages of the Montecarlo Luxury Cars  company over the rivals:

    1. The flexible payment system is implemented.
    2. Round-a-clock customer support is provided.
    3. Chauffeur service, airport transfer, and other options are added for higher comfort.
    4. The car vehicle is constantly updated.

    We are proud of our achievements but there are many new objectives to accomplish. The main one is to fit the clients’ demands. Car rental services became safe, on-time provided and limitless with our company.

    A Question of Car Rentals

    Let’s take a look at the most frequently asked questions our potential clients ask.

    Enough information always clears up all doubts. Here we will provide the most actual answers. Other helpful information and detailed responses can be found on the Rental Policies page.

    What does the needful for car rental services suite of documents look like?

    You need to have the necessary documents with you – passport, credit card, driving license. All documents should be on the renter’s name.

    Are there any limitations related to the type of driving licenses?

    None at all. We are glad to welcome guests from any country, so do not require an international driving permit. Nevertheless, if you have an international format of driving documentation, we will accept it as well.

    Do you have any age restrictions?

    You should be at least 25 years old to order rental services in Cannes. It is possible to state that we have few or no age restrictions. We are ready to help with car rental services experienced drivers who are responsible for their actions and adept to good autos.

    What is a security deposit?

    It is a specified amount of money that is paid before the start of car rentals take place. It is the additional kind of vehicle damage coverage. If no incidents happen, the made security deposit is returned after the rented car pick-up.

    What additional services can be ordered together with car rentals?

    Our clients can order cars in the remote-acting mode with the help of the vehicle delivery / pick-up options. Chauffeur service is available for a higher level of comfort as well. Additionally, the suite of services includes airport transfer,  yacht rentals, and others.

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